Photographic Exhibition “The Garden of Angels” of Nino Migliori

The Exhibition of the noted photographer Nino Migliori displays 15 photographs of the children section in Bologna’s Certosa Cemetery, the exhibition proposes a visionary presentation - the felicity, colorful toys, beloved objects which have accompanied the short life of children creating stimulating reality.

Photographs transport inside a joyful world, full of positive energies completely opposite with sentiments and emotions which normally tie with a place of eternal rest; but Nino Migliori always habituate us to re-read the news, to see a different viewpoint which overturns usual canons of seeing and hearing.

Images in exhibition born from the reflective use of electronic equipment, they coherently put in multiform itinerary of author and they found their roots in previous works. The first, the historic, is “The Machine” of 1973, a composition of 50 serigraph stamp with fluorescent colors, a pop transcription of a photograph of one of his “Walls”. Already in this work Migliori feels the necessity to “broke chromatic schemes”, he wants to supply an unfaithful translation of the real, suggesting “the fact” through a clear interpretation. The next reference is connected with series “Transfiguration” realized from 1998 to 2003, which figure the digital approach as a “natural passage” of technological walk which is at the base of photograph invention, but at the same time it represent also an further challenge and linguistic analyst of the vehicle.

"The Garden of Angels" take part of “Imago Mentis” project, works of series which Nino Migliori explain the reality with harsh colors, obtained by digital amplification.

The photographic exhibition catalogue is includes Marco Vallora’s texts and the valuable artist’s book contains original photographs of the artist, limited stamp of 48 copies.

“The Garden of Angels” of Nino Migliori
By: Roberto Martorelli
With contribution of: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna

Civic Museum of Risorgimento
Piazza Cerducci, 5 – 40125 Bologna
tel. 051 347592

From 2 June to 14 July

Saturday 1° June, at 11.00

Opening time
Tuesday-Sunday: 9-13

Admission price
Museum ticket (€ 5,00 full price / € 3,00 reduced price)