Walking route ‘Discover Westerveld’

The special walking route ‘Discover Westerveld’ opened on 19 September in the monumental Westerveld memorial park - part of the ‘Facultatieve Group’.
The first information board was unveiled by Mayor Franc Weerwind of the municipality of Velsen and Lidija Plibersek, President of the Association of Significant Cemeteries (ASCE). The walking route, which was set up specially for the 125th anniversary of the cemetery and 100th anniversary of Westerveld crematorium, leads visitors through the park and tells the fascinating story of Westerveld.

Open air nature, art and architecture museum

The walking route goes past numerous information boards through the memorial park. Thus we can read about the foundation in 1888, the laying out of the country estate by the renowned landscape architect Louis Paul Zocher, the construction of the first crematorium in 1913, the mourning train between Amsterdam and Driehuis, the special architecture, and Westerveld during World War II. The route also pays particular attention to outstanding monuments such as those of Multatuli, Anthony Fokker, Aletta Jacobs and Pim Fortuyn.

News from Facultatieve group website.