Enriched research section

Academic and professional research of cemeteries in a central source.
For many years researchers across the world are uncovering cemeteries from different aspects. Historians, architects, preservations specialists, managers and many other find inspiration and devote their lives to discover the stories and facts.

It is of great importance to continue this work. As we have learned at AGM 2013, the landscape of cemeteries is not static. It is changing and each day a historical data is lost. A headstone removed, a monument scratched and on many days the complete cemetery vanished.

ASCE will support the research in future by promoting it and creating bibliographies as well as creating and developing a network of researchers. By this and many other activities in future we plan to help the researchers as much as possible.

First step these days is the added bibliography and list of researchers biographies at our Research page. Both lists are started and developed by our distinguished guests at AGM 2013, Dr F. Javier Rodríguez Barberán and Dr Julie Rugg.