Survey about Significant Cemeteries in Europe | Institutional Research

JFC Tourism&Management is a consulting company specialized in tourism ad territorial marketing, territorial pianification and tourism research, and offers its services to public institutions and private companies.

We are carryng out a Survey about Significant Cemeteries in Europe for investigating the phenomenon of visits to Cemeteries from a tourist point of view analysing the tourist flows generated by visiting Significant Cemeteries in Europe.

We kindly ask you to answer to some questions about your Cemetery, filling out our on-line survey you can find at this link:

We would like to inform you that "Significant Cemeteries Tourist Flows Survey" is an Institutional Research and it is not commissioned by any public authority or private company. Data and information will be aggregated and, therefore, not attributable to any single subject, ensuring the utmost confidentiality.

We will be very pleased to send you the survey results as soon as available.

Thank you for your collaboration!