WDEC 2014 - Guided tour at the Cemetery of Ciriego

As a part of the Week of discovering European Cemeteries 2014, there will be a cultural guided tour called “Art to the eternity” at the Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego (Santander, Spain).

The tour will take place at the Cemetery of Ciriego on May 31st at 21.30.

This year it is a pleasure to count with the cooperation of the Architecture’s College of Santander , the Conservatory “Ataulfo Argenta”, the financial support of “Grupo Cántabro” and also with the participation of poets and musicians of Santander.

Poest that will participate at the event are: Adoración Campos, Rafael Fombellida, Ana Garcia Negrete and Alberto Santamaria.

Musicians that will participate are: Rodrigo Gandarillas Jara, Alberto Isla Marotias, Lucia Mirondo Cuevas and Laura Obregón Antón.

We invite you to contact us for any further information:

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e-mail: cemjardin@terra.es


Oglejte si Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego (Santander, Spain) na večjem zemljevidu.