AGM 2015: Call for papers

Foreigners in Significant Cemeteries

The goal of the conference is to make connections far from home and to help us find the tracks of some of our ancestors.

They transformed the national into international or they adapted themself and became local symbols. In battles or peace our great-grandfathers searched for love, money or glory in exotic places.

Probably we don’t know their true value because they are strangers for us. Artists, politicians, soldiers or just common people rest in foreign ground. There is a story behind them and there is a grave who tells it.

Also a monument may be a foreigner. Different mind created it, stranger hands made it. What is outlandish for a place, unique and honoured for its weirdness, may be common for the place it came from.

Travel with a word from your cemetery and who knows what story emerges in Bucharest?

Call was open until June 30th 2015.

Due to limited schedule we will not be able to accept all the proposed papers for presentation. The editorial board will check and select the most representative abstracts and will invite the authors to present their work at the conference.

The main criterion is to have a diversity of stories covering the main subject of the conference.
So, please be as clear as you can in the abstract you present, describing in a few lines the story you find interesting to share with us.

AGM 2015 Editorial board: