Certosa of Bologna. WDEC and summer calendar 2015 (26 May - 29 September)

Thirty appointments plus guided visits.
Thirty appointments between concerts, touring shows, plays and musical performances, plus guided visits on twenty different themes for a total of more than 50 events: this is program for Summer Appointments at the Certosa (26 May- 29 September), organized by the Museo civico del Risorgimento | Istituzione Bologna Musei and now in its seventh edition.

In addition to the usual evening tours to discover the art and history of Bologna, the program also provides high quality events, including readings from Dante's Inferno (11 June, 2 July, 26 August, 19 September), a concert by the Collettiva Concorde classical guitar ensemble (July 6) and THAUMA, a festival dedicated to the themes of loss and absence, which on July 11 will see the Certosa at the center of a city calendar of concerts, encounters and philosophical reflections which will conclude with an intense and poignant concert featuring five groups at the Certosa, from 10 pm to 2 am. 

On June 28, the historic monumental cemetery will become the stage for IMAGO 3 curated by Pursuit: Craig Leon, legendary producer of the Ramones, Suicide, Blondie and Richard Hell, for the first time in Italy, presents Nommos, a masterpiece of electronic music.
On 25 September is Trenodia (Threnody) organized by Coro Euridice di Bologna (Euridice Choral Society), a musical performance dedicated to World War I that provokes reflection on the delicate relationship between humanity and the devastation of the war. 

Most of the appointments require advance booking.

The events are part of the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries promoted by ASCE.

Complete calendar at www.museibologna.it/risorgimento (available in Italian).