Let's see ASCE cemeteries entries

How does an Association look like in real life?
All over Europe our Association is a part of various cultures and societies.

But how does it look like? Are insignia plates visible to visitors? Developing our image and recognition? How do all the entries to our cemeteries actually look like?

This is what we want to see in a task for all our members. A collage of cemeteries entries with visible ASCE plate.

Send your photos

Send us your photos to admin@significantcemeteries.org with subject "Let's see ASCE".

Please keep in mind that we want photos of maximum size possible (original as taken with the camera).

No special professional requirements.

You don't have the insignia yet? 

Create it, here are the rules and contact for design files you need for printing.

Video of entrances at AGM 2015

At AGM 2015 we have presented a video collage of photos of cemeteries entries we have gathered until that day. Entrances to European Cultural Heritage: