AGM 2015 report

On September 24th, the Annual General Meeting took place at Gabroveni Inn in Bucharest, Romania.

With 100 participants from 18 countries at the meeting and conference, event reached the high standards of our annual gatherings.

In 3 days we held AGM, conference, additional workshop of Symbols project and experienced personal hospitality of our friendly hosts.

Thanks to presidency, steering committee and exceptional organizational efforts of our host, City of Bucharest, all the participants could have developed new ideas.

AGM was preceeded by Lidija Pliberšek, president of ASCE and all steering committee members were present or forwarded their votes to other members. During the AGM several things were outlined and discussed:

1. Financial report for 2014. A very well balanced finances statement provides secure future for general work of ASCE. Surplus of previous years is notable in financial assets of ASCE.

2. ASCE communications efforts were outlined with notable natural rise of website and social channels growth. Members were invited to participate in maintaining communications by becoming website editors or social media managers. All interested members can send email to to participate.

3. Developments on European Cemeteries route were presented:

Mobile guide ARTOUR transitioned to mobile learning platform and now offers the members possibility to create their own routes and tests, use the map at their website and much more.

New poster was developed and exposed in Belgrade city center.

New website of Institute of cultural routes was presented where our route is now more visible and presented in many more details. Presidency worked hard with the institute to include all the members while much work is to be done further to fully use the powers of their website.

A workshop is planned in 2016 to get the members of the route work more tightly together on promotional aspects of the route in future.

4. Week of Discovering European Cemeteries leaves much impact in international audience and this is visible even in search trends across globe. This year members increased their activities and in further years we want to establish even more common communications regarding this project.

5. Let's see ASCE (Cemetery entrances) project continues and we have prepared a video of entrances photo we have gathered in 2015. All members are invited to send us their photos as described in the project description.

6. New members of ASCE and their Significant cemeteries were presented. Expanding the knowledge:

7. Results of reevaluation tests 2015 were presented with 2 members being proposed for exclusion.

8. Elections 2015 took place with 9 candidates for Steering Committee and 1 candidate for president. Elections report is available here. Members voted and elected:

For president:

CountryTownNameElected for
SloveniaMariborLidija PliberšekPresident

For Steering Committee:

CountryTownNameElected for
AustriaViennaBeatrix CzipetitsSC member
GermanyBerlinMartin ErnerthSC member
GermanyBerlinOlaf Ihlefeldt - not elected
GreeceSkiathosThodoris Tzoumas - not elected
ItalyBolognaMelissa LamaidaSC member
NorwayOsloWenche ErikssonSC member
SerbiaBelgradeBojana KisinSC member
SpainBarcelonaJordi ValmanaSC member
United KingdomLiverpoolJohn MoffatSC member

AGM 2015 sparkled new energy in our lives. We grew once more with so many new members and projects that continue growing. Our mission is fulfilled with each year we continue this devoted work. So we look into our future with pride and enthusiasm. Because next year in Dublin we will present more new results from our work. The projects we work on together.

Photo glimpses from AGM and conference are available here.