Eastern Cemetery (Rennes, France)

The Rallé Chapel at Eastern Cemetery (Rennes, France)
The Eastern Cemetery (“Cimetière de l’Est”) was created in 1887 and it is the largest cemetery in the city of Rennes.

For visitors of the cemetery

The virtual tour allows seeing the graves of some personalities, with texts, photographs, videos. The website dedicated to cemeteries of Rennes. It will have a digital platform, online databases, preview of locations and detailed routes, information about funeral services, news… The first online databases version will become operational in the middle of 2015. In its second version, the website shall be provided for e-payment. By the end, there will be a virtual meditation of the dead. For already 15 years, the tourist office of Rennes City offers guided-tours inside the Eastern Cemetery to allow visitors to discover this location.

Points of interest

Programmes of research, conservation and preservation

  • A Heritage census of the Eastern Cemetery is being implemented by the city of Rennes.
  • Gaëlle Clavandier, professor at Saint-Etienne University, and Philippe Charrier, scientist at the CNRS of Lyon ("Centre Max Weber" in Lyon), as part for their research about perinatal bereavement, have contacted the city of Rennes, in relation to the White Garden. With the virtual tour, this project was presented in their class.
  • The student Rozenn HUAULT (University of Rennes 2), in 1989-1990, has written a thesis in sociology: "Life in the Eastern Cemetery of Rennes".
  • In 2007, Guillaume Perrette has obtained a specialty certification "Management of ornamental trees", with his "Analysis of arboreal heritage of the Eastern Cemetery".
  • The Eastern Cemetery is listed on the websites www.tournagesbretagne.com and www.filmfrance.net

Cemetery contacts

Cimetière de l’Est
Place du Souvenir Français
35000 Rennes

Tel: (+33)2 23 62 16 00

Other contacts

Nathalie Bidan (in charge of Funeral heritage)
Address: Northern Cemetery, 36 avenue Gros Malhon, 35000 Rennes, France
Tel: (+33)2 23 62 10 15
Email: n.bidan@ville-rennes.fr

Eliane Ammi (Funeral Department co-manager, in charge of digital innovation)
Address: East Cemetery, 1 place du Souvenir Français, 35000 Rennes, France
Tel: (+33)2 23 62 16 00
Email: e.ammi@ville-rennes.fr

Patrice Quénot (Funeral Department manager)
Address: City Hall of Rennes, Place de l’Hôtel de Ville CS 63126, 35031 Rennes, France
Tel: (+33)2 23 62 10 10
Email: p.quenot@ville-rennes.fr


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