Symbols exhibition in Limerick

Impressive international exhibition of symbols that opened in Genoa, Italy is now ready to bi viewed in Limerick, Ireland.

The artistic results of our project Symbols that is now going on for 2 years are impressive. 39 artists from all over Europe helped putting symbols into various interpretations.

17 printmakers visited cemeteries in their countries and produced 34 prints.

Prints were analyzed by 10 dancers, 7 musicians and 5 choreographers who produced 17 videos.

This show embraces not only the work created by these artists during two residencies responding to the theme of symbols, one in Aviles, Spain and one in Dundee Scotland and includes work by Limerick artists, musicians and dancers, Gemma Dardis, Mary O’Dea, Jennifer Brown and Hannah Fahey, but also offers a response by the students of the printmaking department in LSAD to the historic Limerick cemeteries of Mount St. Lawrence and St. John’s.