A new agreement for the enhancement and promotion of the Certosa Monumental Cemetery in Bologna

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Museo civico del Risorgimento of Bologna and the Associazione Amici della Certosa.

On Friday April, 8 the Istituzione Bologna Musei (Bologna City Council), the Museo civico del Risorgimento, the Ufficio Cerimoniale del Sindaco (Mayor's ceremonial office) and the Associazione Amici della Certosa (Friends of the Certosa of Bologna) signed a cooperation agreement for the execution, enhancement, preservation and maintenance of the historic, cultural and artistic heritage of Certosa Monumental Cemetery and, more generally, of the cultural assets of Bologna dating back to the period included between the nineteenth and the twentieth century.
In particular, the Association commits to promoting the acquisition, rehabilitation, restoration and research on historic materials, and also to contributing to the cleaning and ordinary maintenance - through brushing and dusting - of the historic -artistic assets located in the cemetery, inside Palazzo d'Accursio and in other locations owned by the Municipality.

The agreement is just one of many forms of active citizenship promoted by the Municipality of Bologna to preserve and rehabilitate common urban assets through the direct involvement of citizens.

Over the last few years the Associazione Amici della Certosa has been constantly working with the Museo civico del Risorgimento to promote fund raising initiatives aimed at supporting several actions ranging from the restoration and acquisition of works and documents, to the launch of events, exhibitions, publications and other promotional materials.