Adopt a monument at the Monumental Cemetery of Milan

At Monumental Cemetery of Milan we give you the opportunity to adopt a monument and help us restore it.

On November 2nd, 1866 the mayor Antonio Beretta opened the gates of the Monumental Cemetery. The memory of its dead, the genius of its artists and the history not only of Milan, but of Italy as a whole were thus kept alive.

The Association "Amici del Monumentale" will celebrate this important date with several cultural events and initiatives on the protection of this priceless heritage. We will start with the restoration of the first monument ever placed in the Cemetery in 1867, and dedicated to the young Garibaldian Nicostrato Castellini.

Adopt a curl, wing, flower, hand or face of Nicostrato! We will unveil the restored monument sculpted by L.G. Buzzi on November 2nd, 2016.
The “foster parents” will have a chance to attend the restoration works on-site; dates will be notified by e-mail. The names of the donors, except those who wish to remain anonymous, will be listed in our website, social networks and any communication relevant to the event. All donors will be sent a valid receipt complying with the tax legislation in force. A minimum subscription of 5€ applies.

A historical precedent is to be found in the fundraising set up by the
mayor Giulio Belinzaghi who is also buried at the Monumentale; Milanese citizens financed the monument dedicated to the Five Days Uprising of Milan, and executed by Giuseppe Grandi.

Would you like to donate, too?

Please make a bank transfer to:
ASSOCIAZIONE “AMICI DEL MONUMENTALE” Via Solferino, 12 - 20121 Milano
IBAN: IT 85E0760101600001017554070
(reason “Let’s adopt a monument restoration”).