WDEC 2016 at the Significant Northern Cemetery of Rennes

During the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries, the Significant Northern Cemetery of Rennes will be open to reveal its cultural wealth too often unrecognized

The City Hall of Rennes and the Lysandore Company offers you a musical and commentated walk in the very heart of this outdoor museum. Come and immerse yourself in this amazing universe where death is nothing more than a true reflection of life.

Follow Anthanagor, fictitious keeper of the necropolis, which will reveal its hidden secrets, and take an amazing journey in a mix of music, humor and poetry, from legends to legends, from centuries to centuries!

By the Lysandore Company
In The Northern Cemetery of Rennes
Sunday 22th May 2016
6.30 PM
Adress : 36 avenue Gros Malhon – 35000 RENNES – FRANCE
Free entry – Booking at: n.bidan@ville-rennes.fr

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