Symbols Exhibition in Maribor

Learn about symbols in cemeteries in the exhibition at Vetrinjski dvor mansion.
Impressive international exhibition of symbols that opened in Genoa, Italy is opening on November 9th in Maribor, Slovenia. Pogrebno podjetje Maribor as one of the key partners of the project took care of the organization of the exhibition in Maribor.

The artistic results of project that is now going on for 2 years are impressive. 39 artists from all over Europe helped putting symbols into various interpretations.

17 printmakers visited cemeteries in their countries and produced 34 prints.

Prints were analyzed by 10 dancers, 7 musicians and 5 choreographers who produced 17 videos.

Exhibition will be opened in Vetrinjski dvor mansion from November 9th until November 30th daily from 10am to 4pm.

ASCE is a joint partner of the project and all results (exhibition, symbols database, knowledge) will be available in the following years to all our members through various channels.