Pinti Cemetery: a 19th century cemetery belonging to the Venerable Brotherhood of Misericordia of Florence

The Pinti Cemetery is one of the most ancient monumental cemeteries in Florence. The cemetery belongs to the Venerable Brotherhood of Misericordia of Florence which since its medieval establishment provides gestures of solidarity, in primis to give proper burial to the deceased.

Throughout the centuries, following the common practice of that time, “the Brothers” used to bury the deceased around and inside churches or beside the city walls. In the eighteenth century the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo of Lorena introduced new laws concerning the establishment of new cemeteries which had to be far from the inhabited areas. Abiding by these laws the Misericordia bought a suitable field which was far from the inhabited area at that time but it has merged into the city nowadays.

The cemetery was solemnly inaugurated with the funeral of the first deceased in 1839. The cemetery has an oratory and a semi circular porch made up of an order of columns as to embrace the visitors. The Cemetery has been designed by the engineer Paolo Veraci, followed later on by Gaetano Baccani. In 1878 engineer Angelo Maiorfi is charged with completing the building works by adding two new cells on the sides, along with a new Neoclassical Entrance which is adorned by two angel statues carved by the sculptor Odoardo Fantachiotti.

Throughout its lifespan of 60 years, from 1839 until 1898, within which Florence has been capital of Italy, many personalities have been buried at Pinti Cemetery, among them Emilio De Fabbris the project creator of the facade of Florence Dome Santa Maria del Fiore, the painter Michele Rapisardi, the painter Pietro Dazzi founder of Scuole del Popolo, the marquis Carlo Strozzi, historian and archaeologist, Massimiliano Giarré, humanist and patriot, Teodulo Mabellini, musician, Cesare Guasti archivist at Opera del Duomo, Silvestro Leopardi, Senatore Regno, Vincenzo Batelli, editor and typographer, Giuseppe Barellai, paediatrician and founder of children summer camps and Giovanni Baldasseroni, Italian politician.

In 1898 the Venerable Brotherhood of Misericordia decided to close the Pinti Cemetery and to open another much wider cemetery which was more appropriate to the times. Since then the Pinti Cemetery is opened only to those who want to greet their beloved ones.
Since last year guided tours are organised to allow interested people to visit the cemetery.
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