Spring Awakening at the Vienna Central Cemetery - 20 April 2017

On 20 April this year, the concert entitled Frühlingserwachen (‘Spring Awakening’) witnessed its premiere at the cemetery church of St. Charles Borromeo, located in the Vienna Central Cemetery. The musicians of Vienna City Brass and Festklang delighted the visitors with lovely melodies by Vivaldi, Schubert and other great names. Furthermore, Alexander Legniti (director of the cemeteries in Innsbruck) recited some short, witty and thought-provoking poems. Despite the bad weather, many people came to enjoy the concert.    

The concert programme was specially geared to the acoustics of the church. The rendition of W. A. Mozart’s Laudate Dominum, for instance, which was performed from the middle gallery far above the seats by an impressive soprano with violin and organ accompaniment, filled the space, taking the listeners’ breath away. The German Mass Sanktus, composed by F. Schubert, already gave a notion of the tonal potential of the wonderful voices gathered in the church. Finally, when all the musicians were singing Holy God, we Praise Thy Name in conjunction with the audience, the force and energy of the voices and instruments could be sensed; the gigantic choir accompanied by the brass made the audience poise in awe.

The first Spring Awakening church concert was a total success. The audience was enthusiastic about the tremendous musical performance, the unique atmosphere and the beautiful spring decorations. This event was a worthy ‘recompense’ for the Nachklang concerts, which only take place every two years. There is good news for all Nachklang fans; the open-air concert is already arranged and is due to take place on 7 June, 2018.

Here you can see some additional photos of the event: