Centenary of the Death of the Field Marshal Radomir Putnik Marked at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

The New Cemetery in Belgrade and Central Institute for Conservation Organized an Open Air Lecture to Mark Two Anniversaries

The centenary of the death of the first Serbian Field Marshal and Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian army in the Balkan Wars and in the First World War Radomir Putnik was marked in 2017 with series of events to celebrate his life and work. The commemoration in June that was coordinated by the New Cemetery in Belgrade and Central Institute for Conservation that support interdisciplinary platforms for preservation and promotion of cultural heritage has incorporated another important anniversary and that is fifteen years since of successful restoration process of the chapel of Radomir Putnik at the New Cemetery. Therefore, a lecture was organized named "Conservation Project of the Chapel of the Field Marshal Radomir Putnik - Case Study." 

It was the perfect opportunity to organize an open air lecture for students of the Department for Conservation of Cultural goods of "Techno-Art" High School in Belgrade. The students were introduced with a brief overview of the rich history of the New Cemetery and then directly with all technical aspects, analyses of unforeseen situations and challenges of the conservation process of Chapel of the Field Marshal Radomir Putnik that was carried out in 2002 by the fellow students and professors of the Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for Arts and Conservation. These kinds of direct approaches to organization and conduction of conservation process and history learning in open air classrooms such as cemeteries should be given strong considerations in school syllabuses since our students who attended given lectures were impressed recording that they acquired memorable new information and valuable new experiences.

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