Cemetery of San Miniato al Monte (Florence, Italy)

Cemetery of San Miniato al Monte (Firenze, Italy)
Cemetery of San Miniato al Monte, also known as the Cemetery of Porte Sante, is a monumental cemetery located within the fortified bastion of the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte.

The creation of the cemetery

The initial preliminary project that used the entire area of the Fortress of San Miniato as a cemetery (Michelangelo's work commissioned by Cosimo I de' Medici), was drawn up as early as in 1844 by the architect Matas.

Originally the cemetery, adjacent to the Romanesque Basilica, was destined to the burial of the members of the "Opera Pia dei Padri Spirituali".

In 1854 the cemetery was officially established to guarantee burials during the cholera epidemic. The place was ideal because it was far (but not too far) from the city and located in a quite airy place.

The final project was designed in 1864 by the architect Mariano Falcini.

Cemetery features

The land inside the fort was divided into squares used for individual burials and noble chapels were also built and placed in the enclosure to the southeast of the cemetery. The area was affected by the overall expansion and redevelopment projects of the city of Florence around 1865, which led the ancient basilica and the cemetery to have access from Viale dei Colli a few hundred meters from Piazzale Michelangelo.

Gradually the cemetery was transformed into an elite and monumental cemetery with the construction of numerous chapels and funeral monuments by illustrious Florentine architects including Tito Bellini and Enrico Dante Fantappiè. From the earliest years the most important and rich people in the city were buried there.

Ground burials were permanent and covered with white marble slabs. In this way the squares for the burials became similar to the floors of the medieval churches.

In 1911 "Opera Pia dei Padri Spirituali" transferred the property of the cemetery to the Municipality of Florence and further expansion works were conducted since 1916,  giving the cemetery today’s monumental appearance.

*Photo source: www.commons.wikimedia.org


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