The Atlas of Italian Significant Cemeteries realized by UTILITALIA - SE.F.IT.

Participate in the Atlas of Italian most significant cemeteries.

UTILITALIA is the Federation that pools together public utilities delivering water, environmental, power and gas services.

Since October 1995 the funeral sector has been managed by SE.F.IT., an acronym that stands for Servizi Funerari Pubblici Italiani (literally: Italian public funeral services), which brings together the municipalities and the companies operating in the funeral sector.

The specific sector-related issues are analysed by thematic working groups, one of which is aimed at enhancing the most significant Italian cemeteries.

The working group includes some major Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Trento, Ferrara, Parma, Bolzano, Genoa.

Thanks to the intense work carried out by the working group, on October 8th 2016 SE.F.IT. signed a memorandum of understanding with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism which explicitly acknowledges the role played by ASCE at international level.

The agreement includes the publication of an Atlas of Italian Significant Cemeteries. A draft has already been realized and published by the Ministry itself (click here to open).

The Atlas features a record data sheet for each cemetery that includes:

  • Practical info (opening times, how to get there, curiosities, useful contacts)
  • A short description
  • A selection of monuments/places of interests/tombs of special historic-artistic value, and matching map
  • A selection of nearby monuments/places of interest in the city that are somehow related with the main cemetery highlights, and matching map

The Ministry would like to include in the Atlas all the most significant Italian cemeteries.

For more information please contact Melissa La Maida (, Vice President of ASCE.