Beautiful Minds – Beautiful Souls

Another Successful Themed Walk at the New Cemetery in Belgrade
It would not be possible to say enough thank you to all of our visitors who, in spite of rainy day, joined us in large numbers for a free guided themed walk held on 1 April 2018 at the New Cemetery in Belgrade. Based on our visitors’ feedback, the Public Communal Company Funeral Services of the City of Belgrade has decided to arrange another inviting guided walk along the alleys and parks of the New Cemetery. 

The tour named Beautiful Minds – Beautiful Souls offered an insight into lives, reputations and mesmerizing personalities of remarkable ladies who dared to make an impact on our world. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds especially when it comes to inspirational ladies in the patriarchal societies.

Our brilliant colleague who guided this themed walk managed to pass to visitors numerous exciting stories engaging them in an unforgettable and inspiring tour which according to laughs and questions did touch them emotionally. 

Excellent immediate visitors’ feedback have confirmed their exceeding expectations and further demand for these kinds of activities proving once again that cemeteries do provide engaging and authentic cultural experiences.