WDEC in Santander (Ciriego Cemetery), Spain

#EuropeForCulture Cemetery of Ciriego, Spain presents for WDEC 2018 the following: “Nocturne” on June, 1st at 21:30.
The ‘Art for Eternity’ is called this year “Nocturne”. Once again Ciriego joins the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries. It is organized by the Cemetery of Santander. This year’s visit tries to show the beauty of dusk in our city of the dead through music, drama, dance and poetry.

This initiative wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable collaboration of the lyric soprano: Estrella Cuello, cello: Miren Zubeldia, photographer: Belén de Benito in collaboration with Javier de Benito y Telmo Menéndez, the poet: Eneko Vilches, pianist: Javier Laboreo, dancer: Alia Dovidena. Also this year we count with the presence of ‘Escuela de Artes Escénicas del Palacio de Festivales’ y ‘Orfeon Cántabro’.

We would like to thank specially:  Santander College of Architects, Strong Group, Musical San Fernando. Financial support provided by “Grupo Cántabro”