Impressions and Emotions - Belgrade High School Students Visiting the New Cemetery (Belgrade, Serbia)

On October 24 and 25, 2018, two groups of  of high school students visited the New Cemetery of Belgrade.

On October 24 and 25, 2018, we were privileged to receive the visit from two groups of high school students: students from „Tehno-Art“ High School for Technologies and Crafts and students from High School Student Dorms Association of Belgrade. Exploring the history of the New Cemetery in Belgrade, since its beginnings to the present day, the students were introduced to the burial culture and by extension the importance of establishing the first architecturally planned cemetery in Serbia.

Strolling through the cemetery Allies, the students got acquainted with the architecture of the New Cemetery in Belgrade, including headstones they viewed as the works of art, in addition to the sculptural works that attracted their attention. In a view of the upcoming commemoration of the WWI Armistice Centenary and their history curriculum, the students visited the WWI Serbian Ossuary. The idea of visiting the crypt, which commenced with some degree of fear, ended in exuberance and the wish to find out more and extend the walk. 

The students transformed their impressions into the inspiring texts and drawings you may see within our post.


Impressions: New Cemetery in Belgrade – Open Air Museum 

When we heard that we are going to visit the New Cemetery, we were really surprised, since we are used to go to the cemetery on different occasions. First, we were extremely surprised by sheer size of the cemetery.... The Alley of the Greats is the last resting place of the most prominent WWI Serbian Field Marshal Živojin Mišić ... At his grave there is an impressive sculpture of a beautiful lady with a palm branch... We also visited WWI Serbian Ossuary, where the remains more than 4000 identified and unidentified soldiers, who died during the Great War were buried... Through intriguing stories of our guide, we traveled to a different era, when the history of our Country and our Capital was  being Vida Gojković – Medical High School and Aleksandra Ranković – High School of Economy