Exposition "Memorabilijar" on the city cemetery “Pri Sv. Duhu” in Koprivnica

Municipal Utility Company Komunalac LLC Koprivnica, as a member of the ASCE Association, regarding All Saints' Day, on 1st November, opened an exposition "Memorabilijar" by Gordana Špoljar Andrašić on October 26 in the area of an old morgue.

This cultural and artistic project is the continuation of the Week of discovering European cemeteries, which in May 2018 was commemorated by a photographic exposition in cooperation with the Koprivnica City Museum and the educational walk in cooperation with the Historical Society of Koprivnica.

This is an opportunity for the citizens of our city, through this segment of life, to learn and to recall their loved ones and generations that have built this city and behind which are left, not only the living traces of development, but also the memories of stone for eternal memories.
The space of the old morgue, where the exhibition was held, was once a home of gardener Ivan Maček, who gave the cemetery the present horticultural appearance, which is why the cemetery is also special.

At the opening of the exhibition were the students of the Art School “Fortunat Pintarić”, and the exposition was opened by the Mayor of the City of Koprivnica.