Adventures of the Spirit and Beyond – New Cemetery in Belgrade (Serbia)

Golden Age of Serbian Diplomacy - Portraits of Serbian Diplomats and Statesmen – February 24, 2019

On the occasion of 41th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade and International Tourist Guide Day 2019, another guided stroll through the New Cemetery of Belgrade was organized on February 24, 2019. The significant number of visitors who attended the event despite bitterly cold weather, were able to hear the intriguing stories about people who chose politics and diplomacy as their careers, in addition to those who entered into this merciless arena from other professions. The visitors had a chance to hear the tales on diplomatic service of the famous authors and poets, representatives of so-called „Golden Age of Serbian Diplomacy", including Nobel Prize Winner, author Ivo Andrić.  The stories incorporated the accounts on decisive moments in Serbian history, love and deception, intrigues and scandals. Our guests expressed their sincere gratitude for organization of this tour, while PUC “Funeral Services” promised to host more of these tailor - made tours, in order to respond our visitor’s wishes, at the same time raising the awareness on the importance of funerary heritage.

There is no Love in this World, my Friend - Tale of Poets and Authors – Part I – March 3, 2019

To our great satisfaction and much to visitor’s delight, the New Cemetery in Belgrade continued honoring International Tourist Guide Day by another guided walk, held on March 3, 2019.
Our colleague, Violeta Obrenović, art historian, who diligently and passionately guided this themed stroll, shared numerous interesting stories and led the visitors to an unforgettable journey through the 19th and early 20th century Belgrade. This was followed by the narrative on the authors and poets whose outstanding literary works and perhaps even more their unconventional life-style, were forever woven into the checkered table cloths of famous bohemian inns of Belgrade. At the final resting place of the famous local painter, romantic poet and bohemian Đura Jakšić, our gests heard the heartbreaking account on difficult life and suffering of the famous painter, including the captivating story about the great beauty, inn-server Mila, to whom the famous verses were devoted ("Ana pours, Ana serves, but for Mila my heart mourns...."). Unfortunately, Mila accepted the marriage proposal of a popular actor, and subsequently joined his traveling theater company. Even though the poet and Mila died more than century ago, the song about the beautiful inn-server is still being played until this day. 

In line with the posited visitors’ feedback and their anticipation of the new walks, the Public Utility Company “Funeral Services” Belgrade, planned two more guided walks along the alleys of the New Cemetery in the period April – June 2019:
  • Where there is Darkness, there is Sunrise – Tale of Poets and Authors Part II, April 7, 2019
  • Embodied from Mind and Soul (Story of Extraordinary Ladies) – June 2, 2019. 

Adventures of the Spirit - Serbia 

In the course of the 41th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, the Tourist Organization of Serbia presented the brochure „Adventures of the Spirit - Serbia". This brochure resulted from the need for new way to animate the potential tourists to visit the cultural and historical heritage sites in Serbia. In addition to the usual tourist offer, the brochure will introduce tourists to the European Cultural Routes of Serbia, UNESCO Heritage Sites, Street Art and new cultural spaces, i.e., the popular “Hubs”, in addition to Novi Sad as the 2021 Cultural Capital of Europe. Modern design and concept, short and attractive texts will arise interest of the present day public which primarily responds to the visual stimulations. 

The New Cemetery in Belgrade, as the largest open-air gallery, silent witness to the turbulent history and unparalleled treasure trove of the cultural and artistic treasure, is presented within this brochure in the section “Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe”, in addition to other famous Serbian Cultural Routes such as: TRANSROMANICA – The Romanesque Routes of European Heritage, The Iter Vitas Route, Résau Art Nouveau Networks and the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route. The translation of the brochure into several foreign languages is currently in progress.