Şişli Greek Orthodox Cemetery (Istanbul, Turkey)

Şişli Greek Orthodox Cemetery (Istanbul, Turkey)
A Christian cemetery on which we can find many notable monuments and works of art.

About the cemetery

Şişli Greek Orthodox Cemetery, also known as Şişli Eastern Orthodox Cemetery, was founded in 1859 and it is located in the Şişli district of Istanbul. It consists mostly of Greek graves as well as other Orthodox nationalities and ethnoreligious groups such as Russians, Serbians, Bulgarians, Arab and Turkish Christians. The cemetery occupies 52 acres (21 ha), and since its opening, a total of roughly 85,000 individuals have been buried at the site with 3-4 burials taking place weekly.

Main attractions

Some of the many notable monuments and works of art at the cemetery are:
  1. The main cemetery church, dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ (Metamorphosis). It was a donation of Skylitsis Brothers an old Byzantine family.
  2. The mosaics that decorates the church outdoors. It is a large icon located above the church entrance that represents God ("O Ω Ν") and was created by professor Pretextat Lecompte. 
  3. The monument of Nicholas Zarifis, the banker that negotiated the Ottoman Empire’s loans.
  4. The monument of George Zarifis, the banker described as “The Nestor” of Turkish finance and a good friend of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. The monument was made by Mercie.
  5. Τhe monument of Negreponte family. They were politicians, bankers, great benefactors and ancestors of John Negreponte (Diplomat and Deputy Secretary of the State; Fist US director of National Intelligence) and Nicholas Negreponte (Architect and founder of the MIT Media Lab.).



Merkez Mahallesi, Geçit Sokağı No:5,
34381 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey