WDEC 2019 at the Cemetery of Reus

WDEC 2019 at the Cemetery of Reus
The Reus Cemetery shows in an exhibition the hidden secrets of General 's Prim mausoleum.

The Reus Cemetery, managed by Reus and Baix Camp's Funerary Services, participates in the events organized by the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe, of which it is part. As of this Friday, May 31st, the Cemetery hosts an exhibition devoted to the Mausoleum of General Prim, which explains with details some of the hidden secrets of the coffin and the adjacent figure from this General born in Reus.

About the exhibition

This is a sample inspired by the research made by M. Carme Bigorra and M. Josep Salvadó “El Mausoleu del General Prim. Una lliço històrica”, with photographs by Ferran Estivill. This work helps to recognize and interpret the historical and artistic wealth of the mausoleum. Through the images that will be available in this space, significant events of their life and their work are broken down, reflected in the historical-symbolic aspect represented in this heritage element, considered Cultural Good of National Interest. It should be noted that this monument located at the Reus General Cemetery has become a unique example of the funerary art of that time.

Prim's sarcophagus

Prim's sarcophagus is a work by Plácido Zuloaga made between 1874 and 1875, with a neoclassical style. Damascened, this original artisan technique from Damascus, consists of drawings, created by inlaying different metals into one another. It weights 1.800 kilos and was started in Eibar and finished in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Plácido Zuloaga is the great representative of the art of "Damascening" from the 19th century. The figure of Joan Prim, as well as all the sculptured pieces on the sarcophagus, is the work of the French sculptor Émile Hébert.