WDEC 2019, Exhibition and educational walk on City cemetery in Koprivnica

Municipal Utility Company Komunalac LLC Koprivnica, in cooperation with the Koprivnica City Museum, Historical Society of Koprivnica and Art school „Fortunat Pintarić“ Koprivnica, organized events aimed at enhancing the heritage existing on the City cemetery „Pri Sv. Duhu“ in Koprivnica. 
The aim of this event is to raise awareness of the importance of cemeteries, their architectural solutions, artistic monuments and historical facts related to the emergence and development of graves.
The program began on May 24 with the opening of the Exhibit of Photography "Horticulture at city cemetery “Pri Sv. Duhu” in the space of an old morgue. This area was once home to gardener Ivan Maček, who gave the cemetery the present horticultural appearance.
The other days were dedicated to individual visits and a visit to the cemetery where all citizens and tourists can view the exhibition of photographs.
On May 30, at 5:30 pm Historical Society of Koprivnica with the historian, Izv.prof.dr.sc. Hrvoje Petric, held an educational walk and a visit to the cemetery during which 13 graves were displayed, specific to their cultural or historical significance.
A brief lecture on the multicultural development of the City and the emergence of the city cemetery, Dr. Petrić held in the chapel “Pri Sv. Duhu” and then began an educational walk through the graveyard.
At the end of the educational walk through the city cemetery, visitors visited the photo exhibition “Horticulture at city cemetery “Pri Sv. Duhu".