Theatrical Project „Remote Belgrade“ - at the New Cemetery in Belgrade (Serbia)

This year’s 53rdBelgrade International Theatre Festival was opened by unique theatrical project “Remote Belgrade” by the authors Stefan Kaegi and  Jörg Karrenbauer of the well-known Rimini Protocol Company. After visiting numerous towns all around the world, this project, under the generic name “Remote X”, which is assigned a new name after the town it visits, finally arrived to Belgrade. In the period from 17-25 September 2019 (two times a day – i.e., at 11:00 and 17:00 hrs.), with the starting point from the New Cemetery in Belgrade, Belgradears and their guests will have an opportunity to experience this unique theatrical installation.

Within the theatrical project “Remote Belgrade”, a group of up to 50 people set off into the City of Belgrade. They are guided by a synthetic voice - as they recognize it from GPS navigators. The installation questions artificial intelligence, big data and human predictability. As the project tours from city to city, each new site-specific version builds upon the dramaturgy of the previous city. The project is completely immersive, since the audience do not simply blend into a given dramatic situation but, since there are no performers, they create it, although not singlehandedly. Following the instructions coming through the headphones, the audience walk through Belgrade, from one spot designated by the authors to another. It creates a powerful, sensual experience of being a part of the community, while making it possible for everyone to process it alone. An intuitive text makes the audience ponder if they are familiar with the town they live in, if they feel better in a group or alone, how they feel in the community, if they walk through their lives alone, or are they led by a superior mechanism.  

You may see more details on this unique theatrical project: here (source: Radio Television of Serbia-web site).