Two Weeks of Open History Classes - at the New Cemetery in Belgrade (Serbia)

In the week preceding the Remembrance Day Commemorations, the New Cemetery in Belgrade was a  host of an exceptional educational event, involving high school students. Namely, starting from November 4, 2019, daily open history classes were organized for freshmen, sophomore and senior classes of the Contemporary Grammar School of Belgrade. The students were divided into 11 groups of minimum 20 individuals.
Due to significant interest of the students and much to our delight, the open history classes continued for an additional week, and were finalized on Friday, November 15, 21019, with the grading of the student’s history essays, who presented them at the New Cemetery and were evaluated on the spot.

The amount of interesting information occupied their attention to an extent that they almost haven’t noticed that each walk lasted for almost two and a half hours.  In the course of two weeks of unpredictable autumn weather, the students were discovering the history of the New Cemetery in Belgrade, with the assistance Ms. Snezana Krstanovski - art-historian, who specialized in guided walks for younger population.

Based on the impressions of both students and teachers of the Contemporary Grammar School, we expect this to be the beginning of long-term collaboration. The students also expressed their interest to continue attending other guided walks and cultural events at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

WWI Serbian Ossuary of Belgrade Defenders - Crypt