Terrassa cemetery (Terrassa, Spain)

Terrassa cemetery (Terrassa, Spain)
The Cemetery of Terrassa is the work of the architect Melcior Vinyals that was inaugurated in 1932. It is a space with its own personality, adapted to modern needs, but respectful of the cultural heritage and the environment.

About the cemetery

Terrassa cemetery (Terrassa, Spain)

Located to the east of the city, in an area of 11 hectares, the cemetery is part of the funerary complex managed the municipal company Funerary of Terrassa. The uniqueness of the complex is that it offers an integral service, which includes all the phases of the farewell process. The equipment has a tannery with 10 wardrobes, a crematorium with three ovens, oratory, offices, a cafe restaurant, 350 free parking spaces and a playground.

The uniqueness of the Terrassa Cemetery lies in its conception as a large garden. This allows the space to have another meaning, in addition to its own use, as a memory park and a place to walk.


The cemetery of Terrassa has approximately 30.000 graves and five proposals to store ashes. It also has a temple with capacity for 250 people, 2 digital information terminals to locate graves and a service point, where visitors can do paperwork or buy flowers and accessories.

Cultural heritage

Monument at the Terrassa cemetery

From an artistic point of view, the Terrassa cemetery stands out for the mosaics, and because it houses interesting sculptures. The two-storey niches, which are a unique and characteristic architectural solution of Terrassa are also remarkable.

To enhance the knowledge of its cultural heritage, the Cemetery offers, in coordination with Terrassa Museum, the possibility of taking guided tours. Funerària also organizes art exhibitions and other cultural events to open cemetery facilities to uses that are different from the funeral activity.

Environment and accessibility

Terrassa cemetery (Terrassa, Spain)

Funerària de Terrassa is committed to the environment, and most of the vehicles used in the funeral complex are electric. The cemetery has an installation for the production of energy by means of photovoltaic panels. It also has selective waste collection points, energy efficiency systems and a charging point for electric vehicles.

Funeraria also continues to add actions to make the funerary complex a more accessible place for everyone. Initiatives like the implementation of a magnetic loop system for hearing aids users, adapted toilets, improved access, and barrier removal are some examples of it.

Social commitment

Funerària de Terrassa has service contacts with labor insertion companies. On the other hand, the company sponsors since 2003 a film festival whose first aim is to help normalize the issue of death among society. Since 2014, the tickets include a donation, which is entirely dedicated to social issues.

Funerària offers a service of complementary fomalities service that facilitates the procedures after a relative’s death. It also provides families with a free grief attention service.


Carretera de Montcada, 789
08227 Terrassa (Barcelona)

Contact details

Phone: 93 786 94 00 - 900 268 268 (24 hours)
Email: funeraria@terrassa.cat
Website: //www.funerariaterrassa.cat