Call for papers

Connections, Participation and Partnership.

AGM 2020 conference invites you to Milano and its Monumentale cemetery, sharing experiences about connections, participation and partnership in cemeteries’ life, to be declined in time, space, professions, city activities, events, urban transformation and more.

You could participate at the conference by proposing a paper.
Please fill out this form and the editorial board will contact you for any further details.
By June 1st the editorial board will select the most appropriate abstracts, will invite the authors to present their work at the conference and will share all the other necessary information requested about publishing and presentations.
Editorial board:
  • Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera: Scuola di Restauro
  • Fondazione Milano Scuole Civiche
  • Curator
  • State Heritage Agency of the Milan Metropolitan Area representative
  • Statale University of Milan Department of Cultural and Environmental Heritage representative
  • Representative of the Milan City Hall Culture Division
  • Statale University of Milan – Cultural Heritage Center Coordinator
  • ASCE representative: Andreea Pop, phd
  • ASCE representative: Ian Dungavell, phd