Virtual tours ofthe VeranoMonumental Cemetery.
The Verano Monumental Cemetery is a trove of treasures and testimonies of the various Arts: from painting to sculpture, from architecture to poetry, from music to theater and cinema.

On the occasion of the usual annual appointment promoted by ASCE, under the patronage of Utilitalia-Sefit, AMA calls the general public to participate in 2 virtual tours to discover the 7 arts in the Verano cemetery.An anthology of “memorable” moments that make a cultural visit to the Veranocemetery a special experiential exploration, full of beauty, knowledge, nature and emotions.

Wandering through the memories at the Verano cemetery

Filippo Severati, the Verano Painter

Explore the Verano cemetery, even from home, choosing the cultural itinerary you are most interested in among the 11 proposals described in the WEB APP: you will find maps of locations, biographical cards, photogallery for more than 200 points of interest.