Participate at the new photo exhibition: SunCemet

SunCemet photo exhibition main
Any walk among the significant cemeteries of Europe reveals it. The unexpected touches of humanity. Fragile and emotional, yet strong and rational.

Each day, even through the thickest clouds of gray, our brightest star shines on them. Touching the memories, written in the stones. Warming the curves of art with the colors of sincerity.

Catching light in the moment of unique peacefulness speaks its own story about the European cemeteries.

It is what we want to explore in our new photo exhibition.

Send us your SunCemets

May they be sunsets or sunrises, either noon or cloudy sparks. Send us what your cemetery looks like in those special moments.

Most special ones will be printed and presented in a photo exhibition at Dobrava cemetery in Maribor. All appropriate will be part of an online photo book.

  • October 20th for printed photo exhibition
  • November 15th for the online photo book
All photos must be provided under license CC0. All photos will be available to the members of ASCE for download and reprint.

How do you participate? Use this form to upload the photos.