"National Day of Civilian Victims of Wars and Conflicts in the World"


Ceremony at the Monument of Civil War Victims of the Monumental Cemetery of Turin.

February 1, 2021 IV edition of the "National Day of Civilian Victims of Wars and Conflicts in the World" established by Law No. 9 of January 25, 2017 (text of law

With the sound of the anti-aircraft siren and the subsequent thunder of destructive bombs replicated into the microphone, the meaningful ceremony began. 

The Director of ANVCG of Turin, Sandra Griva, bringing greetings from President Ugo Genovese and thanking those present for their participation, recalled that the Monument was erected by the Association and with the contribution of the City of Turin. Here is the link to the recording of the intervention.

Fabio Sarzi, son of the partner and director of ANVCG Turin Luigi Sarzi, recalled with his intervention the bombings of 13 July 1943 that shook the city of Turin. Here the link to the video. 

Subsequently Giulia Buttacavoli, niece of a partner, reads an extract of the translation from Piedmontese to Italian of Nino Costa's poem "July 14. A song of lament for the City of Turin". Here the link to the registration. 

At the end, the Councilor Marco Giusta intervened on behalf of the Mayor, invited by the ANVCG Association of Turin for the first ceremony at the Monument.