Cultural days for schools at Maribor cemeteries

Cultural days for schools at Pobrežje Cemetery
Learning history, geography and information technologies outdoors.

Cemeteries: history and art in stories

Cemeteries offer an infinite number of stories and insights that touch everyone. When we listen to selected stories of the path of symbols of destiny, professional or religious symbols at Pobrežje Cemetery, we become significantly more receptive to learning and understanding history.

The cultural day at the Maribor cemeteries allows students to get to know more than 50 different famous personalities and events related to local, regional, national or European history. The cemetery contains records from the Middle Ages to important contemporaries who left their mark even in this century.

In addition to historical facts, the monuments are described with the meanings of symbols or other details, which help the students to see the artistic value and interpretation.

Cemeteries: geography in just a big enough space

A cemetery is a vast geographical space with many landmarks, which requires an understanding of maps if we want to find a specific monument or point.

However, Maribor cemeteries represent a sufficiently small, manageable, safe, and peaceful space in which we can take time to orientate ourselves. Through numerous details, we get to know dimensions, scales, and basic geographical directions.

Cemeteries: a different use of information technologies

The historical facts and geographical locations of the Pobrežje and Dobrava cemeteries are combined in the ARtour mobile platform, in which many points of interest are located. In addition to discovering locations and reading facts, the platform enables much more:

  • creating new own points and routes
  • listening and creating audio content
  • watching and adding video content
  • creating group projects

During the cultural day, students are taught basic behavior and how to create their own points. For talented students, the activities can then be continued at school, when they connect their findings into projects, add audio or video clips.

Students: excited

All cultural days so far have ended with enthusiastic students. Students from Maribor, students from Russia and students from other areas who have already visited us. Of course, they were delighted by the possibility of using modern technologies, but even more so by the fact that they got to know the cemetery in a different light and learned about stories that were unknown to them before.