ASCE Conference 2022: Call for papers

The new cemetery in Belgrade
This year's theme of the ASCE Conference is "Cemeteries for everybody".

The LIVE Conference 2022

After the online conference last year, this year the ASCE conference returns live, as part of the AGM 2022. Speakers will be able to hear both the applause or booings, and see the smiles and grimaces of the audience. Don't miss the chance of face to face talks during real coffee breaks and all other surprises prepared by our host.

The Conference will take place on 15 and 16 September 2022 in the Belgrade City Assembly – Old Court Palace, hosted by the Public Utility Company “Funeral Services” - Belgrade, the New Cemetery in Belgrade.

Cemeteries for everybody

Cemeteries for everybody. This is the theme of this year's ASCE Conference.

Who is everybody? 
  • May be the different groups of visitors (children or elders, civilians or militaries, people of any religion or none).
  • May be clients, customers or different business partners.
  • May be educators (scientists, academics, curators, conservationists, teachers and organizations).
  • May be friends or opponents of cemeteries.

What are we interested in? We would like you to share with us your approaches with all the "everybody" from above:
  • the programs you developed with or for them;
  • the activities you prepared for them;
  • the problems you faced;
  • the important results from this interaction for your cemetery or for the community;
  • the "know-how" you gained from different experiences;
  • the significance that "everybody" brought into your cemetery;
  • the manner in which the specific national identities within the traditional and contemporary European funerary art are manifested at the cemeteries;
  • anything else you may consider important to share with us and we didn't talk about it yet. 

Conference papers

Papers should last no longer than 20 minutes, excluding questions. The conference language is English


Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words summarizing your intended paper no later than Monday 6 June 2022 via the form below.

Successful contributors will be notified by 20 June 2022.

Editorial board

  • Ian Dungavell
  • John Moffatt
  • Ioanna Paraskevopoulou 
  • Andreea Pop
  • Violeta Obrenović
  • Marina Račić

Further information

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