WDEC 2022 in Karlovac

Catholic Cemetery Dubovac
This year, students of the Karlovac Elementary School Dubovac will be joining the tours at the Dubovac Catholic Cemetery in Karlovac (Croatia).

Free guided tours

On the occasion of this year's Week of Discovering European Cemeteries, on Wednesday (June 1, 2022) at 13.15, and on Friday (June 3, 2022) at 18.00 there will be free tours of the Catholic Cemetery Dubovac in Karlovac, Croatia.

Tours of the cemetery, which recently marked its 200th anniversary, are being organized by Zelenilo.

Schools on Cemeteries

This year, the common WDEC theme is "Schools in cemeteries", so the students of Karlovac Elementary School Dubovac will join the tour. 

Therefore, all schoolchildren, but also those who want to learn something from the rich history of the Dubovac cemetery, are invited and can join these tours for free and learn more about the importance of the cemetery as a significant segment of our cultural heritage.