A dramatized visit of the Ballena Cemetery

Municipal Cemetery of Castro-Urdiales
On October 29 and 30, 2022, a guided dramatized visit will take place at the Municipal Cemetery of Castro-Urdiales in Spain.

As a member of ASCE, the Municipal Cemetery of Castro-Urdiales (the Ballena Cemetery) continues to promote the dissemination of its historical importance and heritage value.

Thus, the Department of Tourism and Heritage has scheduled for October 29 and 30, 2022, at 17.30, a dramatized visit of the cemetery to discover not only the funerary and architectural richness of the place, but also to bring to life the stories of the illustrious characters who rest there and who will be the protagonists of this visit.

The theatrical visit will be carried out by the theatre group "A Trote", where the Castreño actor Julen Guerrero will be the host who will introduce the prominent characters while guiding the spectators through the cemetery.

The tour will be limited to 25 visitors, so advance reservations are required.

*Text source: www.castro-urdiales.net/new
**Image source: www.castro-urdiales.net/galeria