AGM 2022 report

AGM 2022, Belgrade
On September 15th 2022, the Annual General Meeting took place in the House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade.

Over 60 participants from 16 countries signed up for another memorable meeting and conference. The event was a great success in terms of knowledge and ideas exchanged and was characterized by a relaxed atmosphere and the immense hospitality of our hosts.

AGM was preceeded by Mrs Lidija Pliberšek, president of ASCE and all steering committee members were present or gave proxy to other members. Members were present in the second call for assembly to be able to take decisions. During the AGM several things were outlined and discussed:

1. Introduction: Welcome speech and presentation by Mr Vladan Đukić (director of our host JKP "Pogrebne usluge") and Mrs Lidija Pliberšek (president of ASCE).

Mr Vladan Đukić, director of our host JKP "Pogrebne usluge"

2. 20 years of ASCE book:  A special edition printed book was published in 2022 that celebrated the 20th anniversary of ASCE in 2021. All members present at this year's AGM received their copy as a gift. Other members will receive the book by post.

20 years of ASCE book

3. Financial report: A review of the financial status and situation of ASCE was presented by Mrs Lidija Pliberšek.

4. Membership fee: Steering committee decided about the membership fees for the year 2023. Fees are available on the ASCE website here.

ASCE president, Mrs Lidija Pliberšek

5. New significant cemeteries procedure:  A new significant cemeteries recognition method was presented by Mr Ian Dungavell.

Scientific representative, Mr Ian Dungavell

6. New members: New members and significant cemeteries were presented by Mr Ian Dungavell and received the official membership certificat which was handed to them by ASCE president, Mrs Lidija Pliberšek. New ASCE members and significant cemeteries are:

Handing over the ASCE membership certificate

7. Projects and activities: Past, present and future projects were presented by Mr Dušan Vrban, including:

  • importance of ASCE cooporation projects (green torism trends)
  • WDEC 2022 and 2023
  • Cultural routes crossroads project in practice
  • European Cemeteries Route Tour 202x
  • Schools on cemeteries (good practice video)
ASCE Administrator and European Cemeteries route manager, Mr Dušan Vrban

8. European Cemeteries Route: Mr Dušan Vrban presented the European Cemeteries Route and its sucessfull reevaluation, while Mrs Andreea Pop reviewed the Cultural routes of Europe Training Academy and the importance of cooperation with other cultural routes.

Scientific representative, Mrs Andreea Pop

9. ASCE in Spain: Mr Miquel Trepat explained how activities and implementation of projects related to cemeteries look like in Spain. Above all, he highlighted the importance of cooperation with different active partners of the community and presented all the challenges and opportunities on concrete examples.

SC Member, Mr Miquel Trepat Celis

11. Sceintific representatives report: Mrs Andreea Pop and Mr Ian Dungavell reviewed the work of  ASCE Sceintific representatives in the past year.

Photos from AGM 2022

Photos from the AGM and conference 2022 are available in this album.