Restoration of Maciachini’s family tomb

Maciachini’s family tomb
On April 2, 2023, at 11am, the official unveiling of the restored Maciachini’s family tomb will take place at the Milan monumental Cemetery in Italy.

Carlo Maciachini (1818 - 1899)

Maciachini’s Tombstone

The architect Carlo Maciachini was born on April 2, 1818, in Induno Olona and died on June 10, 1899, in Varese. He studied Architecture and Ornamentation at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. 

His first major work as an architect was the construction of the Serbian-Orthodox Church of San Spiridione in Trieste. Then, in 1863, the international competition launched for building a bigger cemetery in Milan chose his proposal for the design of the new Milan Monumental Cemetery.

Maciachini is universally acclaimed by historians and academics as his eclectic style is a prelude of modern architecture, even if it does not miss tradition.

Restoration of Maciachini’s family tomb

Plan of the Maciachini’s tomb

Maciachini’s family tomb is located between two arches in Section A-B of the West Lower Gallery at the Milan Monumental Cemetery and is fully neglected. The association Amici del Monumentale di Milano was established in 2013 with the purpose of safeguarding, perpetuating, enhancing, and promoting the history, art, and cultural heritage of this important cemetery. Considering the great symbolic, historic, and artistic importance of this tomb, the association decided to finance and promote its restoration.

The restoration project has the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, Induno Olona, the Chamber of Architects, City Planners, Landscape-Architects and Curators of the Province of Milan. Pending is the patronage of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

During the restoration works, students of the art schools of Milan and province as well as members of the Italian Agency for the Deaf will have a chance to listen to the restorers explaining the various stages of their work, materials and techniques employed.

Amici del Monumentale is also a member of ASCE and FIDAM (Italian Federation of the Friends of Museum). The association has already financed three remarkable restorations: Ave Maria by Giulio Branca, Ecce Puer by Medardo Rosso and The Guardian Angel by Luigi Buzzi Giberto.

Unveiling of the restored tomb

Detail on the Maciachini’s tomb

The official unveiling of Maciachini’s restored tomb will take place on April 2, 2023, at 11am, at the Milan Monumental Cemetery.

The ceremony will be attended by the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, the mayor of Induno Olona, Marco Cavallin, and members of the Italian Agency for the Deaf with a Sign Language Interpreter. 

All visitors will receive a brochure illustrating the various restoration stages. A guided walk to the chapels and monuments executed by Maciachini (approx. 20) will take place soon after the ceremony.