WDEC 2023: Cemeteries for health and wellbeing

relaxing in the cemetery
This year, the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries celebrates the life-enhancing properties of the cities of the dead.

People think cemeteries are for the deceased, but they are for the living too. Connecting people with cemeteries can improve their wellbeing, mental health and quality of life. And therefore, this year, the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries, taking place from 26 May to 4 June, will celebrate the life-enhancing properties of the cities of the dead.

Participating cemeteries are invited to come up with activities which enable people to: 


  • Build togetherness through emotional responses to shared experiences.
  • Share knowledge, reminiscences and stories using community events to break down barriers and learn from others.
  • Connect through food with a memory café.
  • Create opportunities for people to collaborate, regardless of who they are.

Be Active

  • Spend time learning about nature.
  • Go on a health walk with family, friends, neighbours… or strangers.

Take Notice

  • Spend some time being still and quiet, experiencing the cemetery environment in all its tranquillity with no mobile phones.
  • Go for a walk in the natural space, look, listen, smell and touch. Wander and become enchanted. Switch off and take it slow.
  • Seek out a magical moment of personal discovery

Keep Learning

  • Encourage creativity: make something to take home as a tangible memory.
  • Host learning activities for schools, families, singletons and older people… everybody.


  • Volunteer with a cemetery friends group.

Share your activities

We invite you to send us the programs, photos and other materials of your planned activities during WDEC 2023 to the email admin@significantcemeteries.org. We will be happy to publish them on the ASCE website and social networks.