New perinatal mourning space at Cemetery of San Froilán

Inauguration of perinatal mourning space at Cemetery of San Froilán
A new perinatal mourning space called the Garden of Lullabies was inaugurated at the Cemetery of San Froilán in Lugo, Spain.

The Garden of Lullabies

The Municipal Cemetery of San Froilán has a new space dedicated to reflection and remembrance, in this case to perinatal mourning, that sphere of mourning that is so unknown and therefore so little attended.

It is a new acquisition, which is part of the Living Memory Project, that has guided our steps in recent years, to deepen the help and emotional support to families and mourners who come to our cemetery.

Perinatal grief, caused by pregnancy loss or that which occurred during the perinatal period, is marked by the simultaneity of antagonistic moments of the life cycle, life and death, which contributes to a mismatch of the emotional body and the confluence of conflicting feelings. The illusion of a new life suddenly turns into an irreparable loss. The pain and grief are mixed with anger, rage, guilt, and feelings of negativity. Then all that remains is loneliness in the transit of mourning, in which depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other imbalances appear.

This mourning space, called "Xardín dos Arrolos" (Garden of Lullabies), is meant to help grieving families in this transition, and be an environment where loneliness turns into solidarity. A place to share experiences and to remember. A starting point to serenely face a future full of hope, where every corner will have a positive meaning.

Exhibition about perinatal grief

In this context, an informative Exhibition about perinatal grief has been prepared by the Department of Participation and Services for the neighborhood in collaboration with the Official College of Nursing of Lugo, Official College of Nursing of Alicante, Nursing Academy of Galicia, as well as other entities and citizen work groups that have been created in this environment.