Elections call 2023

Elections 2023
Call for candidates for Steering Committee and president of ASCE.

4 years have passed since the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Ghent in 2019 when the current president and steering committee members were elected to manage our association.

At this year's AGM in Mantua new elections will take place and all members have the right to candidate for steering committee or presidency.

Note: candidacy is possible for ASCE members only!

In order to apply you should follow the next procedure:

Applying for Steering Committee

To apply for the steering committee of ASCE you should fill out the form at this link. Please note that you must keep the format and design. Do not use your own designs or change the font sizes. The form will be presented to all members with voting rights in the same format as it is prepared.

Keep in mind that members of the Steering Committee are expected to fulfill certain obligations that require commitment, self-initiative, and time. Therefore, before applying, please read what your assignments as a Steering Committee member will be:

  • regional covering for the SC
  • hours and other resources requirements
  • reporting about your region
  • manage and encourage members of the region to participate
  • gather new members / exclude the nonactive ones

Steering Committee limits

According to the ASCE charter, steering committee is limited to 1 representative from each country. In case of more than 1 candidate, delegates of the Assembly can vote only for 1 member.

Applying for president

To apply for president of ASCE you should fill out the form at this link. Please note that there are 3 slides and you may use any format and design. You will have 5 minutes time for presentation to members at the AGM.

Sending your form

You should send your filled out form to secretariat@significantcemeteries.org by June 30, 2023.