ASCE president at a conference in Budapest

ASCE president at a conference in Budapest
On 16 May 2023, ASCE president, Mrs Lidija Pliberšek, attended the Engaged Authorities Conference for Jewish cemeteries in Budapest, Hungary.

About the Conference

The ESJF’s Conference, taking place in the Central European University in Budapest, focused on the role of Public Authorities in the care and management of Jewish cemeteries.

In a keynote speech, ASCE president, Mrs Lidija Pliberšek, talked about the work and importance of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE) and the European Cemeteries Route project.

Other conference participants were: Mr Philip Carmel (ESJF Chief Executive Officer), Dr. Paul Darby (researcher working with the Foundation for Jewish Heritage), Mr Ivan Pohorilyak (Mayor of Perechyn in Ukraine), Mr Avraham Yishai (Head of the Legal Center for Combating Antisemitism, IJL Association), Mrs Olena Kolb (Public Sector Liaison Ambassador, ESJF), Mrs Maria Baranyi (Coordinator for Hungary, ESJF), Mr Steven Reece Ph.D (The Matzevah Foundation, Fulbright Scholar), Mrs Sophie Pownall (Assitant Project Manager, ESJF, moderator), Mrs Alexandra Fishel (ESJF Educational projects officer), Mr Andrzey Jankowskyi (former Project Coordinator at GWŻ Warszawa), Dr. Pascale Falek (Policy Officer at the EU Commission, Office of the Coordinator on combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish life, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers) and Mrs Kateryna Malakhova, Ph.D (ESJF Historical Researcher).

Photos from the Conference