WDEC 2023 at the Ford Park Cemetery

Ford Park Cemetery (Plymouth, United Kingdom)
Ford Park Cemetery in Plymouth, UK, is supporting a special awareness week, promoting the life-enhancing benefits that cemeteries offer to the community.

As a proud member of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE), Ford Park Cemetery is echoing the key message of the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries 2023, starting on 26th May.

Naturally many only think of cemeteries as being a place for those whose lives have ceased but nothing could be further from the reality.

Trustee Wendy Coulton said: “Our cemetery is very much a community hub for a wide range of activities and opportunities for volunteering. We connect with different groups and individuals who are interested in what our cemetery has to offer in addition to the funerals which take place.

Walking and making time to take a breath and notice what is around us in nature is recognised as a tonic for our mental and physical health and wellbeing. We organise guided themed walks around the cemetery throughout the year but the cemetery is open to anyone who appreciates having a beautiful green space in the heart of a city. Walking a lap or more of our 34 acre site can work wonders for your mood.

For those who love gardening - which again is acknowledged for its therapeutic benefits - or who just want to get more active we have simple light tasks around the cemetery which help us to keep it maintained.

And of course connecting with people keeps loneliness from social isolation at bay. Friendships are formed and there are untold rewards from giving your time and skills to a good cause such as our cemetery which is run by a charitable trust.

So next time you pass our cemetery, come in and see for yourself why it serves the living as much as those who have passed.

The ladies in the photo come together every Wednesday morning to knit, crochet and make crafts which are then sold at our events to raise funds for our work here at Ford Park Cemetery. It’s also a much valued opportunity to catch up with like-minded people over a cuppa.

*Main photo source: www.wikipedia.org