WDEC 2023 at the Pobrežje Cemetery

WDEC 2023 at Pobrežje Cemetery
At the Pobrežje Cemetery in Maribor, Slovenia, the beginning of this year's Week of Discovering European Cemeteries was marked by a special event.

Peace tree project

Mrs Lidija Pliberšek and Mr Móczár Gábor Attila planting a tree at Pobrežje Cemetery.

On Thursday, 25 May 2023, at 11am, the president of ASCE, Mrs Lidija Pliberšek, and the director of Budapest cemeteries, Mr Móczár Gábor Attila, planted a tree and placed a memorial board next to the peace monument at Pobrežje Cemetery.

The event represented not only the opening of the WDEC, but also the start of a new international project "Peace tree". As part of this project, ASCE members will plant trees in their cemeteries and set up memorials to emphasize the significance of peace in life, under the slogan "Live in peace to rest in peace!". The first tree of this project was thus planted in Maribor.

More details about the project are available HERE.

Cultural day for students

Students of the elementary school Tone Čufar at Pobrežje Cemetery.

Also on 25 May 2023, a cultural day for students of the elementary school Tone Čufar from Maribor was held at Pobrežje Cemetery. As part of the event, students learned about the cultural heritage of European cemeteries, history, and geography at the cemetery and in the city with the help of information technologies. Similar events are regularly held at the Pobrežje Cemetery as part of the project Schools on Cemeteries.

Exhibition of mourning floristry

Exhibition of contemporary mourning floristry in front of the flower shop at the entrance to the Pobrežje Cemetery.

From 25 to 27 May 2023, the traditional exhibition of contemporary mourning floristry was on display in front of the flower shop at the entrance to the Pobrežje Cemetery, which the florists prepare each year as part of the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries. This year's theme of the exhibition was "Green days of floristry" with the emphasis on the importance of sustainability in the production of mourning floristry.

Tour of the cemetery with ARtour

Discovering the Pobrežje Cemetery with the mobile guide ARtour.

An activity that is always available to visitors is an independent tour of the Pobrežje Cemetery with the help of the mobile guide ARtour. ARtour is a free mobile application which provides visitors with an interactive and educational experience and takes them along the different paths of the Pobrežje Cemetery, where they learn about historical monuments, important personalities, sports and medical legends, and more.