Insights from the Certification Training Seminar in Luxembourg

Luxembourg Cemeteries
ASCE president, Mrs. Lidija Pliberšek, unveiled the organizational journey of ASCE and European Cemeteries Route.

About the seminar

Certification Training Seminar in Luxembourg 2023

On Friday, June 30th, 2023, Mrs. Lidija Pliberšek, president of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE), participated as a guest speaker in the Training Seminar for candidate routes applying for the "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" certification held by the European Institute of Cultural Routes. This seminar served as a platform to introduce aspiring networks to the practical aspects of Cultural Routes, providing valuable support on their path towards certification within the 2023-2024 Certification Cycle.

Joining online, Mrs. Pliberšek eloquently bridged theory and practice, sharing valuable insights into operations of a certified Cultural Route. Shedding light on the European Cemeteries Route, showcasing its members, thematic focus, projects, and the countries involved, Mrs. Pliberšek discussed the challenges encountered, offering guidance, and highlighting the incredible opportunities that lie ahead for aspiring Cultural Route networks.

Role of ASCE and European Cemeteries Route

Participation in this seminar has served as an opportunity to reflect both on our work as representatives of cultural heritage of cemeteries across Europe, as much as our contribution to the development and growth of candidate networks, building an engaging and vibrant community of Cultural Routes. Through the European Cemeteries Route, ASCE continues to inspire and guide the dynamic community of certified Cultural Routes in Europe, facilitating cooperation, preserving heritage, and promoting sustainable cultural tourism throughout Europe.