Lisbon's 2nd Cultural Week in Cemeteries

Lisbon 2nd Cultural Week in Cemeteries
Between 7th and 15th October 2023, guided tours, concerts, photo exhibitions, workshops, virtual lectures, and other activities will take place at Lisbon's cemeteries.

About the 2nd Cultural Week in Cemeteries

Lisbon City Council's Cemetery Management Division, in partnership with various entities and associations linked to cemetery art and heritage, is organising the 2nd edition of Cultural Week in Cemeteries, to be held between 7th and 15th October 2023. This edition will be extended to the municipalities of Loures, Setúbal and Vila Franca de Xira, which have also joined the initiative.


As in the previous year, there will be guided tours of Lisbon's cemeteries, including the British and German cemeteries. The highlight of this edition will be five new themed tours, comprising one for pre-school children.

The program will also include concerts, photographic exhibitions and workshops, virtual lectures, night visits and other activities. There will be Open Days, where participants will be able to go inside mausoleums and other cemetery buildings that are not usually accessible to the public. 

Overall, there will be more than 30 different activities, all free of charge but require prior registration by email. The program of all events can be found HERE.

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