Marine graveyard in Pula (Croatia)

Marine graveyard in Pula (Croatia)
The Marine graveyard was opened in 1862 by the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Navy. Today is one of the largest military cemeteries in Europe.

About the cemetery

Marine graveyard in Pula is one of the largest military cemeteries in Europe. It was opened in 1862 under its full name K. u. k. Marinefriedhof (Empire and Royal Marine Graveyard), when the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Navy acquired 4.000 m2 of land to use for the burial of military servicemen.

Until 1870, the deceased were buried in groups. This practice consequently got changed for hygienic reasons and the burials started in individual tombs. Over time the Marine graveyard expanded, and until today about 100.000 people have been buried on its 22.000 m2.

During World War I, many victims of war were buried at this cemetery. These were primarily the officers and soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Later on, soldiers serving in other armies were also buried there. During World War II, burial of war victims continued.

By the decision from October 27, 1960, the Cemetery has been declared a Memorial site. From then on, no new burials have been conducted.

Today, the Marine graveyard in Pula houses commemorative marks of Austro-Hungarian soldiers from WWI, Italian and German soldiers from WWII, and the memorial dedicated to National Liberation Struggle fighters and victims fallen in WWII. Considering its importance, the renovation of the cemetery started in the 1990s. After the renovation was completed, the Marine graveyard was listed as one of the monuments protected under the Hague Convention.

Cemetery visitors

Rich cultural and architectural heritage and monuments in Marine graveyard that are over 100 years old, attract many tourists that come to visit the city of Pula. Many tourist guides utilise walkthroughs in Marine graveyard to show important monuments, persons, and events to the visitors.

Furthermore, lots of visitors from today's Italy, Germany, Austria, and Hungary have their ancestors buried in the Marine Graveyard in Pula. When they visit the city of Pula, they usually visit Marine graveyard too.

The cemetery is like a park in the heart of the city of Pula, so it is also frequently visited by locals.

Events and activities at the cemetery

Each year, Marine graveyard hosts numerous events in the remembrance of fallen soldiers in WWI and WWII. Most important yearly events are on the day of the city on 5th May when Austrian Black Cross and other Austrian delegations lay flowers in the special ceremony. Also, there are ceremonies hosted by Hungarian state delegations and ambassadors, the Italian embassy and consulate, and the German Bundeswehr delegation.


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Basic information

Year of first burial: 1862
Year of last burial: 1960
Current area: 2ha
Approximate number of graves: 100.000